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Details in Java Code: Error Reporting and Loop Control Variables

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Sometimes, it’s easy to focus so much on the architecture of a system that the details of its implementation get lost. While it’s true that inattention to architectural concerns can cause a system to fail, it’s also true that poor attention to the details can undermine even the best overall system design. This post covers a few minor details of code structure that I’ve found to be useful in my work:

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Sencha Package Management Using Sonatype Nexus

In this post I will explain how to use Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager as your Sencha Package repository.

If you use Sencha Touch or ExtJS for development, Sencha has provided a tool called Sencha Cmd which “is a cross-platform command line tool that provides many automated tasks around the full life-cycle of your applications from generating a new project to deploying an application to production.” One of the new features is the ability to have “packages”. If you come from the Java world like I do a package is the equivalent to a JAR library file. A re-usable block of code that can be versioned and stored for others to use. Sencha Package Manager is designed to solve two basic problems: consumption and distribution.

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