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Toffee: Test Orchestration for the Enterprise

Since my last post on functional testing, KSM has been hard at work transforming the ideas from that post into a new product and service offering. Toffee (“Test Orchestration for the Enterprise”) allows QA professionals to build and execute automated tests in an interactive, online test environment, without requiring programming expertise. For those test cases that automation cannot easily reach, Toffee lets you include manual test steps in your scripts alongside automated ones. Automated screenshots capture your entire desktop, providing evidence for steps whether executed within or outside of the browser. Test results for both automated and manual tests are presented in a familiar step/expected result/actual result format, along with screenshot evidence.

Toffee started as a command-line based solution, which allowed us to focus on the syntax and scope of the Toffee command set. We used this first incarnation to test solutions we developed in house. The largest test suite achieved 100% automation with over 28,000 test steps, and completely replaced the Selenium tests we had written in Java.

On the trade show floor of the Society of Quality Assurance Annual Meeting last week, KSM previewed the next generation of Toffee, called Toffee Composer. Composer provides the same level of functionality as the initial version, but in a user-friendly web interface. Build your scripts, execute them, and store your results online, either in our cloud-based environment or in your own data center.

For more information about Toffee, visit We would be happy to schedule an online demonstration for you; just send us an email at

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