Automatic Screenshots: Evidence Gathering Made Easy

When working with clients and performing tests ourselves, we found that documenting tests with screenshot evidence is one of the most time consuming and challenging aspects of testing especially for manual tests.  With this in mind, we designed Toffee to make evidence gathering easy with automatic screenshot capture for both manual and automated tests.

By using the simple command “enable automatic screenshot capture”, Toffee will begin to automatically take screenshots at every test step regardless if it is manual or automated.  Testers no longer have to remember to do it themselves or repeat steps if they forget.  The default timing for the screenshot is within milliseconds of the test step being completed, but the timing can be delayed as needed to accommodate slower applications.  The screenshot delay can be modified at any point within the test.  This allows flexibility to ensure the appropriate evidence is captured with every screenshot.

One of the main frustrations Toffee’s screenshot capture solves is keeping screenshots connected to the correct test step results.  For example, without Toffee a tester often has to paste screenshots for manual tests into some additional word processing tool and document it appropriately so others know which screenshot corresponds to which test step.  This method is tedious and prone to error.  Toffee stores the results and screenshots together and can easily generate a single report containing all of the results and evidence in a single document.  

Toffee makes gathering screenshot evidence easy by automatically capturing them after test steps and keeping them all in one place with the test results whether they are manual or automated.

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