Familiar Reports for Regulated Industries


Web application testing for regulated industries often involves auditors, who are not developers, to confirm the testing results.  We developed Toffee so that non-developers can read the automated test results and quickly understand them.

We have personal experience of the challenges of incorporating automated testing into the computer system validation process for regulated industries.  Before we built Toffee, we wrote our automated tests in Java using Selenium.  After writing a large suite of automated tests that validated one of our client’s applications, we turned over the results to their auditor.  The auditor came back to us and explained that our results did not help her because, understandably, she did not know what any of the Java meant.  We ended up sitting down with her and explaining each line of code.

It quickly became apparent that describing lines of code was not a tenable exercise for regulated industry web testing.  We think auditors should not have to become developers, so instead we made Toffee to allow auditors or any non-developer to read automated tests.

After Toffee runs a test, it generates a report that conforms to the traditional web testing style used in manual/paper tests.  The report has five columns for each test step which state the action taken, the expected result, the actual result, the verdict, and if applicable the screenshot evidence.

If the test uses screenshot evidence, a picture is taken for each step.  We discussed this in a prior post called  Automatic Screenshots: Evidence Gathering Made Easy.  Each screenshot is included in the report appendix with a reference number, so all the information is in one place.  This makes it easy for an auditor to quickly evaluate the test.

We realized that non-developers are regularly a part of web testing, so we made Toffee to be user friendly for everyone regardless of their programming knowledge.

 For more information about Toffee, visit http://toffeetesting.io, or feel free to contact us with questions at info@toffeetesting.io.

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