Manual Testing: Toffee is about Orchestration not only Automation

We created Toffee to not simply automate QA testing but to orchestrate both manual and automated tests.  Manual tests are an important part of QA testing because it is either impractical or impossible to automate everything.  See our prior post on the virtues of manual testing: Two Cheers for Manual Testing

Creating manual tests for Toffee is as straightforward as writing traditional manual tests.  Simply mark the test step as manual and then write the instructions for the tester to perform.  Toffee will know it is a manual step and will take care of the rest.

Manual test are typically carried out using stacks of paper or lengthy text documents with instructions and a space to fill in the result.  Testers are stymied by going back and forth between the application under test and the test documentation, squandering time and becoming susceptible to mistakes every time they lose their place in the instructions.

Toffee eliminates these problems. Testers no longer have to deal with shuffling paper or scrolling through online documents.  Toffee provides test step instructions, and a place to record the results for only the current step, in a “heads up” display alongside the application under test.  This reduces human errors and is less taxing on testers.

As part of testing orchestration, Toffee allows manual steps to be integrated directly into otherwise automated tests.  Toffee executes all of the automated steps until it comes to a manual step, then it will pause and request the manual action from the tester.  After the tester completes the manual step and records the result, the computer continues on with automated steps.  This way if the majority of a test can be automated, a whole separate test does not need to be made just for the manual steps.  In addition, the results from the manual step and automated steps are all in the same report generated by Toffee.

Manual tests are still a vital part of QA testing, and Toffee does not just accommodate manual testing, but it makes it less of a headache for testers and more accurate.

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