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We seek bright, motivated people with an entrepreneurial bent and a passion for solving business problems with technology. We don’t advertise for full-time positions like “project manager,” “tester,” “programmer,” “database architect,” or “technical writer.” Our associates are multi-disciplinary professionals: they can write great code in multiple languages, elicit and document requirements, design and execute tests, manage releases, and present a business case to clients’ upper management. With them we field small cross-functional teams that deliver business value faster – and cheaper – than large, over-specialized, commodity-skill teams.

We are a privately-held company that has never solicited nor accepted a dime of external funding; we are accountable solely to one another. Every associate takes the initiative to grow the business, whether by sharing technical expertise, driving new business, or presenting and developing product ideas. We appeal to those who enjoy the freedom of independent consulting only slightly less than they enjoy working alongside talented professionals.

Our compensation package includes a competitive salary, paid time off, comp time, health insurance, long-term disability, and a Fidelity-administered 401K with a generous company match.

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