Enabling Continuous Validation through Automation

As your software vendors increase the frequency of new releases, it’s your responsibility to test each release against your requirements to demonstrate its ongoing fitness for purpose. Don’t get left behind, stuck on an obsolete and unsupported version of mission-critical software, because labor-intensive manual software testing has become a bottleneck.

KSM’s Managed Testing Service gives you all the benefits of functional test automation at a much lower overall cost than in-house automation.


We can run your entire suite of automated functional tests in a matter of hours, rather than the weeks or months so often associated with manual testing campaigns. Find and remediate issues in a fraction of the time.


We write our automated tests in human-readable scripts, not in some arcane programming language that only coders can understand. And we share those scripts online with you, so that you remain constantly apprised of our progress. We share script results and screenshots online, too.


You give us your requirements, and we convert them into tests. We tag each test with the requirements it validates, and we deliver a robust traceability matrix linking requirement to test to result.


Even minor changes to a system can invalidate its entire test suite. We assume that risk for you, continuously updating your tests to adapt to system changes.


Return on Investment

Functional test automation reduces testing duration by orders of magnitude, compared to manual testing. It promises to let you realize the business value of new releases of critical business software with speed and confidence, and in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

But gains in test execution speed come at a cost: it takes more time to author automated tests than it does for manual tests. And it takes expertise in programming and tooling that is expensive to hire and develop.

KSM’s Managed Testing Service lets you:

  • Skip the initial investment of hiring and training in-house test automation programmers, and of building your own test automation platform. Leverage KSM’s twenty years of experience with functional test automation, distilled into our innovative cloud-hybrid Toffee platform, which allows us to start writing and executing automated tests from day one.

  • Eliminate ongoing costs of maintaining test automation as an in-house competence. Let KSM worry about keeping abreast of the latest testing and browser technology, so that you can focus on growing your business and delivering value to your own customers and stakeholders.

  • Gain visibility to the status of testing. The Toffee platform provides team members with a real-time view of testing status. This includes screenshots to confirm key steps and failures as well as full audit trails for all tests.

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