Hand drawing xml Our service offerings are designed for clients whose unique business requirements are not fully met by commercial or open-source software products. Their application portfolios must constantly evolve to remain in compliance with changing regulations. For many, their bespoke software, and the process by which it is built, must comply with stringent validation requirements and security audits.

For these clients, we have developed three primary service offerings:

Custom Software Development

KSM uses our proven agile methodology and considerable domain expertise to deliver bespoke solutions. We partner with our clients’ in-house staff, and deliver complex solutions to production in manageable increments. This service offering appeals to customers who do not maintain an in-house development shop, or whose developers lack the bandwidth to build the solution. Read more…

Systems Integration

KSM associates deliver highly-available, fault-tolerant integration solutions to connect your applications to one another, and to your customers, suppliers, and other third parties. Our specialty is adapting agile application development techniques — such as test-driven development and continuous integration — to the integration space. This service appeals to our clients looking to unlock the features of their application portfolio by exposing them as independently-addressable services. Read more…

Application Support

KSM provides second- and third-level support for custom applications on a retainer basis. We provide both maintenance and enhancements as part of our standard support contract, thus eliminating the need for you to spin up unwieldy capital projects for every functional enhancement. This service offering appeals to clients who require bespoke application solutions, and whose requirements evolve rapidly in the face of competitive or regulatory pressures. Read more…

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