Application Support: Beyond Maintenance

KSM provides long term second- and third-level support for bespoke and commercial software applications. We deliver professionals who understand the technical and business aspects of the systems they support and enhance. KSM provides these services on-site or at our own facilities, using your equipment or our own.

KSM will manage your data, fix bugs, and patch your infrastructure. Unlike conventional application support models, we also build, test, and deploy functional enhancements as part of our standard application support contract. KSM provides a fixed number of planned functional enhancement hours each month, which you can use for incremental enhancements or full-scale rewrites. We utilize our agile development methodology to manage your backlog of enhancements, large or small, and deploy them on a schedule that meets your business needs.


  • Baseline SLAs govern the remediation of critical defects, independent of feature releases;
  • Fixed effort: new features are constrained by a fixed number of hours per month;
  • Variable scope: you prioritize the features on which to “spend” the fixed effort each month;
  • Frequent releases: new features are delivered monthly.


  • Simplicity: one contract covers maintenance and enhancement;
  • Coordination: one team manages both maintenance and feature releases;
  • Agility: the feature backlog evolves as quickly as your business needs;
  • Faster time-to-market: high-impact features aren’t held hostage by fixed delivery cycles.

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