A client responsible for monitoring a competitive marketplace required a tool to collect data from a broad range of market participants.  Each participant provides a unique combination of data about shared resources. Our client aggregates and analyzes this data on a quarterly basis to ensure competitive and non-discriminatory operation of the market.

KSM built a web portal with a modular architecture that simplifies the addition of new data sources. New modules can be selectively pushed to the market participants that need them. The portal provides a uniform interface for data collection, and enables data validations at the point of capture. 

Since we deployed the first release of this solution on Amazon Web Services over eight years ago, KSM has continued to integrate new modules and enhance existing ones. The continuity of our partnership allows our client to keep pace with evolving regulatory requirements and customer needs, and allows us to keep their infrastructure up to date on all security patches and feature releases.


Jan 5, 2022


KSM Technology Partners